For the upcoming cycle, see Sims Next Top Model (cycle 1).

Sims Next Top Model (abbreviated SNTM or S4NTM) is a reality television series based on America's Next Top Model as well as many of its international adaptations that will premiere in September, 2014. Several young women meet up in Los Angeles, CA. Throughout the competition they compete in challenges and participate in photoshoots in order to proceed in the main competition until one becomes "Sims 4 Next top Model". After winning, the winner will not only begin her career in the modelling industry, she will also win material or cash prizes.

Format Edit

Each season of Sims Next Top Model will have around 5 episodes and start with 6-7 contestants. Contestants are judged weekly on their overall appearance, participation in challenge, and best shot from that week's photo shoot. Each episode, one contestant is eliminated, with several exceptions. Makeovers, a hairstyle change to enable interest from possible future clients are administered to contestants early in the season, usually after the first or second elimination, and a trip to an international destination is scheduled at about two-thirds of the way through the season to introduce the contestants to abroad fashion capitals, cultures and styles.


Sims 4 Next Top Model (S4NTM)


Premiere Date



Other contestants in order of elimination

№ of contestants

International Destinations


September, 2014 TBA TBA TOP 7:


7 Alice Springs, Australia

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